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"Nobody, as long as he moves about among the chaotic currents of life, is without trouble."
- C.G. Jung

Consultations are also available by Skype and telephone.

Life Transitions

Life Transitions are an important opportunity for growth and a frequent impetus to change. Relationship difficulties, job loss, physical illness, and bereavement issues are a few such examples.

Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Issues requiring support and intervention are seen in symptoms such a depression, anxiety and addictions.

Dreams, Creativity and Spirituality

Dreams, Creativity and Spirituality can be valuable pathways to reaching our full potential. We may feel stuck in life or feel that we are not realized our full potential. Working with the symbols of our inner world can free the blocks to authentic life expression.

Supervision and Consultation

With a focus on clinical enhancement and professional registration we provide individual and small group services for counselors and other clinicians.


Consultations are also available by Skype and telephone.

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